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  1. Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis: A Beginner's Guide
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  3. Microarray gene expression data analysis: a beginner's guide | European Bioinformatics Institute
  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Microarrays

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Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis: A Beginner's Guide

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Prices and offers may vary in store. This guide covers aspects of designing microarray experiments and analysing the data generated, including information on some of the tools that are available from non-commercial sources. Concepts and principles underpinning gene expression analysis are emphasised and wherever possible, the mathematics has been simplified.

The guide is intended for use by graduates and researchers in bioinformatics and the life sciences and is also suitable for statisticians who are interested in the approaches currently used to study gene expression. Microarrays are an automated way of carrying out thousands of experiments at once, and allows scientists to obtain huge amounts of information very quickly Short, concise text on this difficult topic area Clear illustrations throughout Written by well-known teachers in the subject Provides insight into how to analyse the data produced from microarrays.

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Helen Causton is an experimental biologist who carried out some of the early studies on genome-wide transcriptional regulation in yeast using microarrays. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:.

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Microarray gene expression data analysis: a beginner's guide | European Bioinformatics Institute

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  6. This review overviews methods and techniques which may be employed to analyze and interpret microarray data. The focus is primarily on analysis of gene expression matrices to obtain biological insights to this end.

    A Beginner’s Guide to Microarrays

    Both supervised and unsupervised methods commonly used for expression data analysis have been discussed. Data visualization techniques which may be used to comprehend biological relevance of the data has also been discussed in brief. Related Articles:. Microarray data analysis: Gaining biological insights. Date: October 28, Microarray analysis of gene expression in the liver of transgenic mouse model of HCV infection.

    Date: December 27, Date: November 27,