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  1. How to enable the AppleScript menu on the Mac OS X menu bar | hambpasymwildcu.gq
  2. Mac Hacks: 17 AppleScripts To Make Your Life Easier
  3. Referencing Files and Folders

This will allow the workflow to run outside of Automator, just like any native app.

How to enable the AppleScript menu on the Mac OS X menu bar | hambpasymwildcu.gq

These are the basic features and save options behind Automator. In the following workflow tutorials, you will use what you learned here to build 10 Automator actions that can help save you time when using your Mac. Remember, if you get stuck, you can download the project files by clicking here.

Create an Application using AppleScript or Automator!

Current page: Page 1. Back to School Your new service will be right at the bottom of the list.

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Add a hot key Script text Last edited: Jan 28, BreBo Moderator. Or you can use the ShowAllFiles app. BreBo - Hi, yes if the app works well for you then there's no need to go down this route.

Also, I thought this was a neat alternative to using an app or terminal I think I'll change the thread title again to reflect this. Last edited: Nov 19, It only takes a minute to sign up.

Mac Hacks: 17 AppleScripts To Make Your Life Easier

I'm trying to make an app that when opened will play an audio file that is contained in the app, but i have no idea how to do it. I know this is really vague and I apologize but any help would be awesome.

This other question covers high level how to make an app, but I can't figure how to actually make the shell. Is there a guide or sample code to show how to take an actual file and actually play it in AppleScript framework? In Script Editor , I used the following three lines of code and saved it as an application, as Hello World.

Referencing Files and Folders

Then inside the application bundle in the Resources folder, I placed the audio file Hello World. Now when I double-click on the Hello World. After you create the application bundle , then in Finder you right-click on it selecting Show Package Contents and then navigate to the Resources folder where you'll place your audio file. Change the name of the resourceName from "Hello World.