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I mean, three brothers with one wife. Then they have four kids.

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Then their three sons find the one woman to marry. And, their daughter is in BDSM marriage. Not to mention all the drama that went on. OTT, no doubt about it. But, still There's something in the way these stories are told that makes them warm, emotional and unleashes the craving to know more. Even though it was so What is it with the Colters that makes me keep coming back for more? Even though it was so obvious, just reading the blurb, what exactly will happen in Colters' Promise , I still liked it. Weird, huh? View all 17 comments.

In the previous books, his female voices have been too soft and sugary sweet. Luckily, that wasn't a problem with this book. His female voices worked for me. Maybe I've just grown use to them. View all 9 comments. Mar 21, Jen rated it really liked it. This story was like going to a family reunion for me.

Colters' Promise

This last book was short and sweet, and gave fans an update on the lives of all of our beloved characters from the series. The whole Colter family is going to be together for Christmas, and there are a few surprises in store.

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There is also an additional character as well, and that is Callie's husband Max's sister; Lauren. She has been recently physically This story was like going to a family reunion for me. She has been recently physically abused by her boyfriend, and Callie and Matt go rushing to her side to bring her into the Colter family's protective circle.

Colters' Promise - Colter's Legacy, Book 4 (Unabridged) by Maya Banks on Spotify

One of the things that I love so much about the Colter family is there loyalty to one another as well as their protective streak and their extreme respect for their woman. This story basically read like an in depth epilogue; and I certainly enjoyed being reminded why I fell in love with this dynamic family to begin with. I can only hope that Maya may write a book about Lauren, and maybe her getting together with those sexy bodyguards that Max hired to watch over her! I can always count on Maya Banks to write a light and sexy story, that I usually go back and reread anytime I want. View all 7 comments.

The Colters is one of my all time favourite menage series. Banks had turned strong men into real people with genuine emotions and thoughts. This book is the story of all the married kids and spouses home for Christmas and Holly wanting it to be special. Banks was still in tune with the men.

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I think Holly's Adam, Ryan and Ethan haven't lost it. Neither did they gain anything. Lilly's Michael, Seth and Dillion were still hot compassionate and understanding men and they demonstrated their passion ju The Colters is one of my all time favourite menage series. Lilly's Michael, Seth and Dillion were still hot compassionate and understanding men and they demonstrated their passion just finnnne.

Max, Callie's Dom, was way too sweet. Enough to gag on. He seemed to be trying to make ammends from the last book and it was over done. Lilly has her Christmas surprise as does Holly. Lilly was a whiner from page one. I don't remember that in her book. Holly is still the matriarch but with love. Oh that word Is there no synonyms for it? The book was a disappointment I am sorry to say. Sorry because it let the series down big time. I hope the next in the series will breath life back. Jun 08, Sans rated it it was ok Shelves: series-read , wake-me-up-when-its-over.

My one reaction to this book is: The English language needs several more words for "love". Holy shit. Did you know it's possible to get annoyed with that word and the concept behind it? View all 14 comments. Sep 03, Lisa rated it did not like it Shelves: dangling-plot-threads , novella , irritating-writing-style , major-letdown , made-me-want-to-hurl , backstory-overload , recycled-plotline , same-old-same-old , too-saccharine , author-with-an-agenda.

Nothing happens in the story. No meaty drama to get invested in. It was so gag-worthy that I think even the Hallmark channel would have turned it away. It was also weirdly and annoyingly repetitive. A new-ish character gets introduced and then nothing really comes of it. And, most bizarrely, there are also A LOT of references to thanking God for things, and God having a plan and whatnot, which seemed really odd to me.

I mean, this is a freaking erotica series that specializes in polyamorous relationships with one BDSM for dessert. And all of these relationships began out of wedlock and one was even adulterous since the woman was technically married to someone else at the time. So bringing The Almighty into the discussion just seemed really out of place to me, and not what most readers of the series would be looking for. Heck, MB even made sure to put a manger into the Christmas decorations just to make sure everyone understood that we were, indeed, talking about the Christian God here, not some pagan deity with more flexible rules on sex for His or Her worshipers to follow.

Really weird.

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They notice her emotional distance from them and spend a lot of time worrying that she might be getting sick of having 3 gorgeous men worshiping her in every way and thus be thinking of dumping them. Then she spends the rest of the book angsting about how she totally ruined the special moment of telling them they were going to be fathers for the first time. Then she announces the blessed event at Christmas dinner and everyone there falls all over themselves saying the same thing. Nothing else happens with her story. Instead Max confesses that seeing his sister beaten up has made him question whether what he does to Callie in the bedroom is abuse.

That he totally gets off on dominating and controlling her. On inflicting pain on her with paddles and riding crops. She makes it and it turns out fine. The rest of the page count is filled up with endless talk about how wonderful and amazing they all are and how much they love each other. So yeah, this was all really weak. When these characters were facing a worthy challenge together, their strong love for one another seemed positive and appropriate.

But without that challenge to overcome it makes me want to hurl.

Book Review: Maya Banks’ “Colters’ Wife”

You root for and get invested in them because they have to fight to triumph over something. You lead a completely charmed life. Get over yourself and count your blessings. The book goes back and forth from each couples point of view, but really follows the women: Holly, Callie, Lily and a small glimpse at Lauren.

Lily finds out that a new baby Colter is on the way, but has to deal with a past that rushes back at her and all she can think about is her first baby, Rose, and how she died suddenly from SIDS. Lily has a hard time finding joy in the news and struggles with it alone until she tells her men. They all support her in their own way and they had some nice moments together dealing with the news and the emotion that went with it. By far I was most interested in Lauren.

I loved seeing the protective brother side of Max.