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Book by RoseMarie Terenzio
  1. Fairy Tale Interrupted: feminism, masculinity, wonder cinema - [email protected]
  2. Fairy Tale Interrupted: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss
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John just wanted it to be over, so I had to figure out how to handle it without asking too many annoying questions. I acted like I knew what I was doing; pretending I had been there before was my specialty. The mad dash to get John out of the office on time began as soon as he returned that afternoon from his abbreviated workout. There were new phone messages that I had to discuss with him. Is Carolyn also going to that dinner with Leonard Lauder?

The Robin Hood Foundation wants you to speak at the next board meeting. Okay, just put it on the calendar and write up some notes. That was John not dealing with it, I could tell. I walked out of his office and went to the bathroom to cool off. We were together almost all day, every day. Carolyn, his wife, and I spoke on the phone about a hundred times a day and often hung out after work to talk about boys, clothes, and the latest celebrity gossip. He had a lot to do, so where was he? I walked a short way down the hallway.

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Five minutes went by with no response, so I walked into his office and said, "You have to go now. John has to go, I pleaded, but they both ignored me and Michael finished his story. It took another twenty minutes to get John downstairs, because people stopped him everywhere: in the hallway, in the elevator, even in the bathroom. Finally, sweet Jesus, we made it outside. On the way to the car, a couple of construction workers spotted John and called out to him, as people always did when they saw him in public.

Later, I confronted him and asked why he had been so rude. I handed him a folder that held absolutely everything he needed: his itinerary, a contact list, stories to edit, stories to review, pages to show the ad people, and more. John, one more thing. What should I tell people about that? He was lucky he got in that car, or else I would have choked him. Thanks a lot, John, I thought as the Town Car rode away. The office had every new magazine, ashtrays, Diet Coke, and a sofa—all the makings of a good lounge.

Now it was my turn on the couch.

Fairy Tale Interrupted: feminism, masculinity, wonder cinema - [email protected]

Matt used to say he always knew when John had left for the day because he heard the can open in his office. But it was George. We could get away with almost anything. But truthfully, I was in heaven. With John on a plane for the next seven hours, I had something that was very rare for me—an evening all to myself.

Fairy Tale Interrupted: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss

Not only could I actually leave the office by p. I planned to enjoy it, and that meant going home, ordering in, and zoning out in front of the television. The buzzer rang with my food interrupting a rerun of My So-Called Life , and reaching inside my bag for my wallet, I found a white envelope with my name on it.

I instantly pulled open the envelope.

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Inside, I counted ten hundred-dollar bills—a thousand dollars in cash. The money was awesome, but the note was even better. But of course, he wound up acknowledging it with the most thoughtful, low-key, classy thank-you I could ever imagine receiving. Even when we bickered, John knew I appreciated everything he did for me and that I always had his back. Working for him, I was his gatekeeper, controlling access to someone whom everyone wanted time with. He teased me ruthlessly, and I gave it right back to him. Even though I never expected anything more than a paycheck, John gave me opportunities that changed my life forever, taking me on the most dramatic journey a girl in New York City could ever dream of.

My big Italian family from the Bronx sat squarely in the latter camp. My dad, a staunch Republican, had no patience for the family synonymous with the Democratic Party. And my mom was too busy to care about politics on any side of the aisle at all. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime. Profession: Author.

Event Coordinator. Film Executive. Foreign Publisher. Literary Agent. The Hiltons.


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